Next to being an EPC for large solar projects Sunprojects is also partner and (co) founder of many very innovative sustainable projects, services and products. Since Sunprojects founding the company has been one of the important drivers of technical, fiscal and legal innovations in the national sustainable energy market. Over the years Sunprojects has pioneered in the application of PV in noise barriers, floating PV and BIPV (building integrated PV) to establish energy neutral or even energy positive buildings. But also in new (chemical) storage solutions, PV combined with storage and solar parkings (PV with EV charging). 

Sunprojects has experience in special roof application of light weight flexible solar modules. Also we have realized as one of the first EPC’s the so called Postcoderoos projects in the Netherlands, where neighbouring (postal code) citizens can become co-owner/investor in a solar park or roof in return for energy tax deduction. We continue to develop new financial models to make solar energy accesible for even more companies, cooperations, consumers and (semi)government.